Naranjo - Costa Rica


Costa Rican coffee beans are considered among the best in the world. Tarrazú is thought to produce the most desirable coffee beans in Costa Rica. In 2012, Tarrazú Geisha coffee became the most expensive coffee sold by Starbucks in 48 of their stores in the United States, using the Clover automated French press.

Coffee production in the country relies on cheap, seasonal labor: Nicaraguan immigrants are often employed on these plantations.] The berries are picked by the workers and are transported to processing plants to be washed and to remove the pulp around the beans. In Costa Rica the processing plants where this process is done are called beneficios but the effects of pulp removal may result in non-beneficial environmental effects. The beans are then laid out to dry in the sun, then sorted according to size and shape. Although mechanical drying is gradually replacing manual labor in places, time consuming sun drying, and equipment are required to dry the wet seeds after pulping.

Price per kg; sold per container.

The beans are strictly hard beans from the Western-Central Valley, which groups six large production towns and their surroundings.

The name of the coffee is “Naranjo”.

The beans are from 2016-2017 harvest.