Arabica Castle - Colombia


With over 500,000 families growing coffee, it is more than just a product — it is the flavor of Colombia and it is sustaining our way of life, providing jobs, and strengthening communities throughout the country. Every time Colombian coffee hits your lips, know that you’re giving better coffee a brighter future.

Our steep mountains, exotic climates, and rich volcanic soil allows us to grow a wide range of the most flavorful coffees year-round. Greatness starts with a great cup of coffee, and a great cup of coffee starts in the greatest coffee place — Colombia.

In Colombia, we’re not worried about a tasteless coffee future run by robot overlords. We always handpick the reddest and ripest cherries, at exactly the right times, so you can always have the most delicious and authentic Colombian coffee in your cup. No robots.

Price per kg. Sold per container.

The coffee is sent trite green coffee.

The rating is 83 points, cup SCAA

UGQ conventional classification AB

The coffee bean is soft Colombian Wash 12-60 means that defects in a sample of 500 grams there are 12 defects in the first group and 60 in the second group

The name of the Colombian coffee is Arabica castle

The coffee is harvested in 2016 second half